5 Tips for #RemoteWorking

Whether you’re at the office full-time or in your home office full-time, #remoteworking can run it’s toll. For many of us, working from home is a new experience. There are lots of positives; for example, the commute is less than 1-minute; there is an endless supply of snacks available, not just what you packed; the washroom is always available and you don’t need to ask for the key from the secretary. Working remote however comes with it’s challenges. Pets seem to magically need more attention, kids need more attention, your spouse needs more attention. There is no secretary fielding calls or managing the door of an endless train of on-line orders that your spouse keeps purchasing. So how can you stay focused, and stay healthy?

#1 Drink more Water

Tip #1 Drink Water

When you were at the office, if you are anything like me, you went to the water cooler to get a break from what you were doing and maybe catch up on office chit chat. Now when you want a break, you field kids questions, take the dogs out and flip the laundry. Getting water is no longer in your regime – but it should be. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. (And 8 cups of coffee doesn’t count 🙂 )

#2 Take some ME Time

Tip #2 Take some ME Time

Self-care, me-time, self-help – it almost feels like a buzz word and has lost it’s meaning, but the reality is that it is still equally as important as it was. Working remote means for many of us, that we are actually working more. The commute takes no time, so we either sleep in or work; coffee meeting are non-existent, so we drink coffee by ourselves and work; and our 1-hour long lunch appointments are closer to 10-minutes while with the dogs and often involve leftovers. Me time doesn’t need to look like meditation or yoga, it can be as simple as eating your lunch slowly outside, while leaving your cell phone and laptop inside.


I know this is a tough one. Gyms are closed or have crazy restrictions, and if you are lucky enough and strong-willed enough to go, they are much less social than they used to be and therefore not as much fun. Waking up early to exercise seems foreign to many and stopping by the gym on your way home from work doesn’t happen either. So, what can you do?? A 5-min workout is a great start. You can start with 20 push-ups per day. (Stop right now and do 20 push-ups.) You can also do them from your knees or standing and pushing against the wall. 20 sit-ups per day – you might want to wait until you are in your PJ’s to do this one, but still super simple. 20 squats per day – you can do these right now (I can’t imagine you are wearing a pencil skirt or a 3-piece suit). 20 lunges per day – for many, stepping forward is hard on the knees, so do back lunges instead. In under 5-min per day, this will at least get you started. There are so many more body weight exercises you can do for when you are starting to feel motivated.

#4 Go on a Date

This might look a little different now-a-days, but make sure you schedule in dedicated time to be with your spouse/partner and if you have kids, a separate time to spend with them. A date might be a picnic at the lake, order in food or a special candle light dinner. Just remember to leave your phone on mute hiding in some corner. If you are able, many restaurants are open and have expanded patio seating, so eating out is still a possibility.

#5 Eat your Veggies

Tip #5 Eat your Veggies

You knew this one was coming. How is it possible to stay healthy without eating the rainbow? It’s not, but it’s the perfect time to eat the rainbow. The markets are bursting at the seams with fresh produce, the grocery stores are full, and your neighbours garden probably has a few gems in it too. (I’m not advocating that you steal from your neighbours garden.) Point being, there is lots of fresh produce available, try something new. Add some heirloom tomatoes to your eggs in the morning, try some grilled patty-pans with your salad, add a peach to your favourite salsa or learn how to make zucchini noodles. Veggies are a must.

Working remote has lots of perks, but you need to be disciplined; not only in your line of work, but also in keeping yourself healthy.

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