Improve Productivity and Reduce Expenses with Accelerated Application Deployment and On-Demand Delivery

In addition to being costly and complex, traditional application deployment is inept for keeping pace with today’s technically savvy users. As an emerging alternative, many small and medium sized businesses are adopting application virtualization to meet these demands.

Application virtualization allows IT administrators to manage a single instance of an application from a centralized datacenter. Applications are then streamed for offline use or run on high-powered datacenter servers for online use on any device or operating system from anywhere. Data access is encrypted for improved security and conflicts between concurrent applications are greatly reduced.

The cost of desktop management can drop up to 50% because deployment, installation, and management of apps are administered on a subset in centralized servers or via a single package that’s created and deployed once.

Using Citrix® XenApp™ our certified experts are ready to work closely with your team to drive your enterprise IT transition to a virtualized application environment.

Citrix XenApp, the industry standard in centralized application delivery, is an on-demand, self-service platform that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter. Applications are optimally and instantly streamed as a service to clients and servers or hosted on datacenter servers for simultaneous multi-user access. No matter where your workforce is located – working from home, an airport, or a remote island with low bandwidth and old modem technology – if they have Internet access, they can stay connected, protected, and productive.

XenApp delivers proven application compatibility through advanced technology that isolates applications from the operating system and other applications. By bundling apps into single executable files and delivering them using streaming technology, execution is optimized, seamless and conflict-free.

Application virtualization allows users to operate applications from a simple enterprise app storefront. On-demand access is available via a PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet, notebook or any other Internet ready-device. XenApp is capable of virtualizing even the most graphic-rich and multi-media heavy content, providing your users with a vibrant, yet seamless experience, zero downtime, and higher overall productivity.

XenApp offers both online and offline application access, making it a complete system for seamless application delivery.

Unparalleled Security and Flexibility

With its strong access control, application-level policies, user authentication, and encryption of application communication, XenApp gives IT administrators the control and assurance they need to deliver applications to end users regardless of their location or device.

When access is requested, XenApp determines the device’s compatibility and capability to run that particular application. The requirements for application virtualization target devices are a compatible Windows® OS and the appropriate Citrix software. When a user device meets these minimum conditions, the system initiates application virtualization using application streaming.

If XenApp determines a target device does not meet the minimum criteria or is incompatible with an application, it will automatically initiate session virtualization, connecting the user to the server where the application was delivered. To the user, the application appears to be running on the local device, but is actually executed entirely on the server.

Currently, application virtualization is limited to Windows-based operating systems. However, with XenApp’s session virtualization feature, users on any operating system have access to IT delivered applications. As a result, XenApp enables Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, thin clients, iPhone®, Windows Mobile® devices, and even Symbian – and Java-driven devices to run any applications.

Both application and session virtualization deliver uninterrupted user interaction with business-critical applications. Printers, drives, and other peripherals work exactly as if the app were installed conventionally. As a result, XenApp reduces the cost of application management and related costs by up to 50 percent.

With our certified XenApp professionals, Ferroque Systems can help your organization transition easily to a virtualized application environment. No matter what stage you’re in – just considering virtualization or ready to expand your current virtualized enterprise.

By working with industry leader Citrix, we can ensure that your users enjoy seamless application deployment and delivery while your stakeholders realize substantial ROI.

Application Virtualization has several key benefits for businesses large and small:

  • Improves workforce productivity by delivering reliable business-critical applications on-demand to any authorized user on Internet capable devices
  • Reduces the expense of desktop management by up to 50% by centralizing and simplifying the administration and delivery of applications and eliminating the need for additional server, hardware, or software investments
  • Improves security and protects intellectual property by encrypting connectivity and deploying advanced access control, policy-based password management and session monitoring
  • Makes enterprise expansion easier with quick and affordable scalability
  • Streamlines application deployment and eliminates application conflicts
  • Reduces the need for application recoding & regression testing
On-Demand Application Delivery

On-Demand Application Delivery

XenApp automatically determines the best method for virtual application delivery through a customized and user-friendly storefront.

Consistent Access from Any Device

Consistent Access from Any Device

Virtual applications can be reliably and securely accessed regardless of device or location. XenApp delivers Windows applications to any of over 30 client operating systems.

Embedded Security Features

Embedded Security Features

Integrated security features and advanced, policy-based access control, means users have safe, encrypted access to virtual applications and business critical information.

More Rapid Response to Business Needs

More Rapid Response to Business Needs

With the ability to scale beyond 1,000 servers in a single implementation with nearly 100% application uptime, users can respond more quickly to business or market changes.

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