Fall Festivities for the Whole Family

For me, autumn is my most favourite time of the year. Yes I love the summer, I love the spring too and I love the winter – I actually do, but the Fall is my most favourite. As the evenings begin to cool off earlier, the days are still warm. The colours of leaves changing is magnificent, it’s wine season – if that is such a thing, and I love the transition of everything ‘getting back to normal’. Kids are off to school, co-workers set new goals for the coming quarter and year and you can put on your fancy boots and sweater and not have to cover them up with a coat.

Loving Fall @ 3 years old

Who doesn’t love a trip to the pumpkin patch? I have a 16-year old son, and despite the idea that pumpkin patches and hay rides are for young kids, he ensures we go each and every year. Check your local tourism board or community events calendar for a pumpkin patch near you. Many will host hay rides at specific times that you can book, have apple tastings, and pumpkin pies for sale to bring home. Although the sound of making your own pumpkin pie from scratch is certainly an idea, some things should be left to the professionals.

A nature walk or scavenger hunt is always a fun afternoon spent outdoors. If you have young kids, you can make a list of things for them to find along your walk or have them pick out some of their favourite leaves for leaf rubbings later on. If you have older kids, bring along the camera and let them go shutter happy. When you return they can put together a video or scrapbook of your day. You’ll be surprised at the photos they take.

Loving Fall @ 15 years old

Enjoy some fall favourites. Head down to your favourite bistro or coffee shop on a Saturday morning and enjoy a pumpkin latte. Pick out your favourite caramel apple at your local chocolate specialty store and roast some pumpkin seeds after you and the fam carve a pumpkin or two. Another one of my fall favourites is soup. There are so many recipes to choose from if you like to make your own, but restaurants, bistros, markets and your local grocery store will all have prepared soups ready to bring home.
In many cities, closer to Halloween, corn fields will open up for corn mazes or spooky corn mazes. I am not one for being stuck in a field of spiders and corn stalks higher than I can reach, but I assure you, your teenagers and possibly husbands, will love this idea. You can drop them off for a few hours, and enjoy some doughnuts and hot apple cider while you warm up at the bonfire.
Where I live, there is a heritage nut farm. In the fall they host all sorts of community events, including ‘pick up the nut’ events, where you pick up the nuts for them. Besides a little work-out from all the squats required to pick up nuts, you can stroll through the trees, kicking the leaves and enjoying the cool fall air.
Thanksgiving for many families will look a lot like Easter did this year. A small chicken instead of a 15lb turkey, and videos ON while parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters sit in their own living room instead of all together. Have your younger or older kids make small table decorations for each family member that can be delivered or mailed ahead of time and plan for some family games, maybe charades or Pictionary.
Fall is an amazing time of year and one not to be missed by hiding indoors. Make sure you schedule some time outside, maybe at the market, pumpkin patch, or just out for a walk. Oh… and don’t forget the wine. Wine and Autumn should be synonymous. 😉
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