About Ferroque Systems

Founded in 2007 in Toronto, Canada, Ferroque Systems is a technology consulting, IT advisory, and managed services firm that provides unparalleled excellence across an array of industries, technologies, and disciplines. Ferroque Systems is particularly specialized in digital workspaces, datacentre virtualization, and digital transformation powered by Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft technology stacks. We focus on delivering innovative enterprise IT solutions to meet the immediate needs and strategic goals of today’s growing businesses with clients ranging in size from 5 to 110,000 and beyond across North America and the Caribbean.

Our deep expertise in Citrix’s virtualization and networking technology portfolio has been the cornerstone of our business for the latter part of the past decade and we presently participate in three Citrix partnership programs. Ferroque Systems’ team holds numerous Citrix certifications, specialist practicums, and were the some of the first to attain Citrix’s Certified Delivery Professional designation. We are privileged to be entrusted to consult on behalf of Citrix consistently over the past five years on some of their most complex engagements, as one of Canada’s leading Citrix authorities. Our expertise in designing, engineering, managing, and auditing XenApp\XenDesktop and NetScaler platforms has empowered and further enabled numerous organizations to reach new heights of productivity and platform security in alignment with their technology roadmaps and visions.

Derived from Latin, Ferroque means “iron”; the age old metal hundreds of civilizations have come to depend on for its inherent strength, reliability, versatility and impenetrability. At Ferroque Systems, we embody these powerful qualities and always work with a laser focus on security, stability, and efficiency throughout our operations, solutions, and services we provide.

Our Practices

  • IT Advisory Services. Powered by proven and certified expertise, sound consulting, and methodology best practices, Ferroque Systems has helped countless customers crystallize their strategic business and technology visions. With a reputation for distinction and deep experience in design, implementation, and transition, our IT Advisory Practice offers solutions for even the most discerning of clients.
  • Technology Consulting. By creating innovative and cost-effective solutions, we enable your organization to maximize the capital investments in existing enterprise systems while allowing a seamless, scalable, and affordable transition to newer technologies. We specialize in virtualization and application delivery solutions that provide significant operational savings, greater management flexibility and continued connectivity – anytime, anywhere.
  • Managed Services. Providing on-site or remote management and support of your IT infrastructure and making sure your business systems are always healthy, protected, flexible, and scalable. We are available to assist you and your employees whenever or wherever you need for now and tomorrow.
  • Project Management. 36.9% of all failed projects can be avoided by partnering with a strong organization that knows how to determine your requirements, communicate them to all levels of stakeholders, and manage those requirements throughout the project.  The Ferroque Program/Project Management team are trained to “go slow, to go fast” meaning, proper planning of requirements, identification of risks, and establishment of a communications plan in the beginning of the project will allow for a smooth and seamless execution to completion.