Webinar: Digital Workspace as a Managed Service – August 5th 2020

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The world is changing and ‘Work’ is more defined as what you do, versus where you go. Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets in a company and how you manage that data and the access to it, becomes both the greatest opportunity and the greatest threat. Digital Workspaces, such as the home office, laptops, and mobiles are becoming the norm, and are no longer the exception. How you manage these workspaces and the access points to them will ensure your company is agile and able to adopt easily to changes in the climate.

Advantages of having properly managed digital workspaces will help your company…

  • ensure data security and integrity
  • provide consistency across platforms and departments
  • access reliable real-time data
  • reduce costs
  • access 24/7 support for your team no matter where they are working

Ferroque Systems is a boutique consulting firm specializing in virtualization and digital workspaces for enterprise-sized corporations and SME’s. Join us as we help you discover how technology can support your company’s growth, not hinder it.

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