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Workforce Mobility Strategy and Solutions

The way organizations do business is continually evolving. Workplace models have shifted drastically in recent decades, as has the way IT stores data and manages access to applications and data. More than ever before, organizations must become increasingly agile to respond to market changes and empower their dynamic, and often global workforce, with a secure and managed mobility strategy to improve productivity and collaboration with peers, clients, and vendors.

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has grown at an accelerated rate within the last few years and is one of the top spending priorities, as organizations adapt to new work styles, including flexibility in work location, an uptick in remote and telecommuting employees, offshore vendor partnerships, and an increasing number of both corporate managed and personal devices (laptops, phones, tablets, workstations).

Often times, driven by user demand, the management and security framework to support these new initiatives have not kept the pace with their adoption, or have outright prevented their adoption, and thus are impeding organizational agility and workforce productivity.

As organizations ramp up their investment and focus on workforce mobility, in response to user demands and business landscape, Ferroque Systems is here to guide organizations through the process of defining an effective and tailored strategy to meet this ever growing need and enabling them through Microsoft Office365, Citrix XenMobile, XenApp\XenDesktop, NetScaler, and ShareFile mobile workspace technologies.

A Sound Strategy Mitigates Risks and Enables Productivity and Agility in the Workforce.

The modern workspace is highly dynamic; it is not uncommon for an employee to spend half their week in the office, and the remainder offsite at home or on the road at client sites. Workplace parameters may vary from week to week, or job role to job role. Enabling users to remain connected to enterprise technology resources, regardless of their location or device, is critical to the overall productivity.

As part of defining an organizational strategy for workforce mobility and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM, the evolution of MDM: Mobile Device Management), Ferroque Systems can assist in identifying organizational pain points, functional requirements, conduct risk assessments, and work to develop a comprehensive EMM plan to empower your workforce, while maintaining a tight rein on security, content, information (including enterprise file sharing), and device management; personal or corporate. Once properly defined and bought into by an organization’s leadership, Ferroque Systems can assist in designing, integrating, and deploying a range of mobility technology solutions to help achieve organizational strategy and vision.

In addition, Ferroque Systems is equipped to review and assess an organization’s existing EMM and workforce mobility business strategy, cross reference its alignment to business objectives, identify areas for improvement, and security gaps in existing deployments.

Ferroque Systems is pleased to provide the following services as part of our Workforce Mobility Competency:

  • Workforce Mobility and Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy and Roadmap Planning
  • Workforce Mobility Readiness Assessment
  • Workforce Mobility Security Review
  • Workforce Mobility Technology Enablement Architectures
  • Build, Integration, and Deployment of Workforce Mobility-Enabling ┬áTechnologies Including:
    • Citrix XenMobile
    • Citrix ShareFile
    • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop
    • VMware Horizon View
    • Office365

Partnering with Ferroque Systems to define a well thought-out and well executed workforce mobility strategy provides the following benefits:

  • A pre-determined level of risk acceptance and security policy adherence, which dictates the level of granular controls, restrictions, and features to be implemented in the strategy
  • Development of a clear roadmap and vision. A mobility strategy aligned to organizational goals, workforce and workplace transformation initiatives, and organizational security policies
  • Identification of gaps or security risks in existing mobility strategies
  • A comprehensive rollout strategy for new enablement technologies for end users, to encourage successful adoption
  • Discourage use of unauthorized mobility and remote access solutions not aligned to organizational technology policy that might introduce organizational risk (Dropbox, mobile mail apps, TeamViewer, etc.)
  • Deployment and integration of mobility-enabling technologies to support and empower the modern enterprise workplace
Enforce Security

Enforce Security

Control on your terms; managed access to resources and applications in and out of the office through network security and granular policy controls.

Improve Collaboration

Improve Collaboration

Secure and empowering collaboration tools to make the most of your diversified workforce in the office, on the road, at home, and around the globe.

Accelerate Productivity

Accelerate Productivity

Empower end-users with app virtualization, enterprise file sharing, and remote access. Enable users to work from anywhere, on any device, with unparalleled user experience and without compromising security.

Device Management

Device Management

Tightly control corporate devices and enable controlled application, content, network, and messaging access to personal devices.

Data Management

Data Management

Retain control of corporate data onsite and offsite, with a range of boundary and content controls, while enabling flexible availability of enterprise file services.

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