What We're All About

Our Mission

Our mission and ultimate outcome is for our customers and partners to be proud to work with us.

Our Vision

To deliver exceptional outcomes and a great customer experience by partnering with our clients to bring technology investments to fruition.

Core Values

These guiding principles dictate everything we do

  • Passion

    Passion fuels us to keep learning and striving for mastery.

  • Humility

    Humility drives us to be kind, humble, and genuine to others.

  • Purpose

    Purpose leads us to build and manage with reasons, logics and foresight.

  • Accountability

    Accountability keeps us honest and taking ownership of our work.

What We Do

Professional Services

Get expert consultations on virtualization, security, digital transformation, and other tactical IT solutions.


Managed Services

Plan bespoke services tailored to your exact needs and compliance requirements.


Project Management

Avoid common project pitfalls and extract max value out of your IT spend with expert management.

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IT Advisory Services

Receive expert strategy on modern workspace, end-user computing, virtualization, and much more.


Our Founder

Ferroque’s Founder, CEO and Consulting Architect is Michael Shuster.

Michael Shuster is responsible for the vision, operation, and directing service offerings of Ferroque Systems. Throughout his 20+ year career in the field of Information Technology, Michael has provided clients with scalable, flexible, and reliable technology solutions and strategies with an advanced specialty in virtualization solutions on Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft product platforms within complex enterprise environments.

As a distinguished professional in his field, and a recognized Citrix Authority, Michael has created and tirelessly works to maintain and refine a recognized brand of excellence within the Canadian and US Technology marketplace, and is entrusted by Ferroque’s clients, as well our consulting partners to represent them to their clients with a level of quality equal to, or surpassing their organizational standards.

In addition, Michael has spent several years instructing technology professionals in emerging technologies via VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft courseware, developing courseware and contributing to Citrix’s education platforms, mentoring peers, and speaking at business technology events.

Michael is heavily certified across Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft technology stacks and holds the certified Citrix Specialist Practicum designations for the organization.

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