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Optimize Your Business with Our Managed Services

Specializing in end-user infrastructure technologies, we offer comprehensive support, proactive solutions, innovative value-added features, and flexible service models. Our commitment to producing meaningful results is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, reducing risk, and keeping focus on customer satisfaction.

Operating the Platforms that
Power a Better Tomorrow

Discover bespoke managed services engineered
for value creation and peace of mind.

Digital workspaces

IT delivers most of its business value through digital workspaces: the cornerstone of our practice expertise.


By supporting the world’s most powerful app delivery controllers, we’ve earned the trust of top clients from around the world.


Supporting SASE and ZTNA solutions.

aAs a crucial facet of EUI, our managed SASE and ZTNA solutions secure end-users, corporate data, and optimize networks.


Supporting numerous tools, we centralize management of corporate and BYOD devices, driving securty, observability, and compliance.

Managed Services to Optimize, Scale, and Secure Your Business

We transcend the standard roles of technical support and operational provider. With Ferroque as your strategic business partner, your end-users will have the tools they need to do their best work so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Key benefits of Ferroque’s EUI and Citrix managed services

Fair usage pricing

Optimized user experience

Reduced downtime

24/7 support

OS & software upgrades

Proactive health checks

App rationalization with Rimo3

Secure printing with UniPrint

Advanced monitoring with ControlUp

Cost modelling & capacity planning

The Ferroque Advantage in Managed Services

Choose Ferroque’s managed services for a transformative experience in digital workspace technology.

Our team, with decades of expertise and recognition as industry leaders, specializes in delivering strategic, proactive solutions. We focus on superior support, improved user experience, and platform optimization. Our proven methodology significantly boosts performance, resilience, and end-user productivity, minimizing IT crises.

With a steadfast commitment to client success and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, Ferroque stands as the premier choice for quality-driven managed services in a competitive landscape.


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