Citrix and Digital Workspace Managed Services

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An Extension of Your IT Operations

Built upon the renowned expertise of Ferroque System’s consulting acumen, we empower SMB and enterprise organizations with our decades of collective experience to provide unparalleled support to your platforms and users. Whether enabling secure  and reliable remote work, fronting web apps with NetScaler ADC, or centralizing applications for performance and security, we have you covered.

Our flagship Digital Workspace Managed Services integrates seamlessly into your existing IT support model. Our TSIA-aligned multi-tiered service model has been honed through supporting over 250,000 end-users across various industries and aligned to industry-standard managed services methodologies. Our certified and skilled specialists have a proven track record of stabilizing digital workspace platforms, reducing outages, and expanding the remote work value proposition.


Managed Digital Workspace Services

Authorities in Enabling Remote Work and Secure Access to Apps and Desktops

Framework-Driven IT Service Management

Technology is the beating heart of the modern business. And when it stops, organizations are thrown into chaos. The management of digital workspace platforms are no different. In the age of remote work, maintaining stable and tuned virtualized app and desktop platforms is critical to the productivity of employees and the business agility of the organization. Digital workspace technologies from Citrix, VMware, Workspot, IGEL, Cato Networks, public cloud, and Microsoft require specialized skills, and many organizations do not have the skillset, time, nor the interest to support such platforms with peak effectiveness. Unoptimized and poorly designed platforms or processes result in a degraded user experience resulting in increased operating costs, and poor perceptions of your digital workspace strategy.

In the modern computing era, digital workspaces either for remote work or securing and centralizing applications have become an increasingly critical aspect of business operations. Partnering with an experienced managed services organization such as Ferroque Managed Services provides organizations with the best oversight and support possible in the industry segment. Ferroque’s technical acumen on Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft stacks are renowned in the market, and our ITIL-compliant Citrix managed services methodology is aligned to Citrix’s own managed services practice, keeping in lockstep with leading practices. Our objective is to monitor, optimize, and stabilize your digital workspace platforms and enable your users to be more productive. And as your business grows, we will grow to support you. It’s that simple.

Our Core Tenets

  • User Experience
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Manageability

Our Managed Services Ethos

Managed Services in the Modern Economy

Six Key Benefits to Ferroque Managed Services

Citrix Managed Services and Managed Digital Workspaces are in our DNA

Specialized Expertise

Ferroque has worked with numerous Fortune 500 firms and count Citrix authorities amongst our ranks. Our team has specialized, expert-level knowledge of Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and networking. Although Citrix-focused, we are vendor agnostic.

Built for the Enterprise

Our multi-tiered service offering is designed to effectively integrate with your in-house or outsourced IT operations. Our knowledge of enterprise IT nuances spans industries and customers north of 110,000 users.

Peace of Mind

Our team has worked with or at Citrix since the 90’s and designed much of Citrix’s consulting and MSP practices. We’ve designed our processes to protect your interests, enable growth, and continually adapt 24/7. Your success is our success.

Reduce Downtime

Proactive, preventative monitoring and maintenance enables us to stay ahead of risks that might take your business offline and cost you money. We pinpoint leading practice deviations and remediate.

Predictable Costs

Our services are designed to be elastic and scale with your business. We provide an inclusive services cost model for a set fee per month. This allows you to reliably predict costs as your business changes.

Enhanced Security

Cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks are at an all-time high. We are vigilant about security and promoting security practices to our clients. We continually monitor and harden our security posture through multiple protection vectors.

Your Managed Digital Workspaces Department

Managed Remote Access, Application Delivery and Security, and Workspaces

We believe it is critical for service providers to have a service-oriented mindset wherein the #1 goal is to deliver a great customer experience while resolving a client’s incidents, performing changes, etc. We believe qualities such as customer service, proactive communications and actions, and providing solutions that resolve root cause (not just symptoms) are just as important as traditional measures such as incident MTTR, contractual SLA/SLT, ticket aging, etc. Our managed services offerings are designed to fit a range of needs and functional roles:

  • 24/7 Event management monitoring and alerting
  • Flexible ticketing system integration
  • Establish health and performance baselines
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting
  • Proactive platform health checks
  • Routine product patch management
  • Incident, Change, Problem, and Event management
  • Request fulfillment and environment management

Our scope of technology expertise includes:

  • Full Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Stack (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) and Citrix Workspace Service (Citrix Cloud)
  • Citrix NetScaler ADC
  • Broad OS Support: Microsoft Windows 10 (single and multi-session), Windows Server 2003 through 2019, Supported distros for Linux VDA
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), VMware Horizon View, Amazon WorkSpaces, Workspot, Cloud PC
  • Cloud-Agnostic & Virtualization Support (Azure, AWS, GCP, Citrix, VMware)
  • Numerous supporting technologies including but not limited to: FSLogix, AppV and MSIX, UniPrint, WEM, App Layering, Ivanti

Ferroque gave us the peace of mind that one of the critical and complicated parts of our infrastructure was going to be setup properly. They ensured the devices were not only configured for best performance but also took care of the security hardening required. When the job was completed, their documentation is second to none. A great deal of effort gets put into this which is something rare to find.

The ability of the team at Ferroque to provide a structured approach for the migration, flawless execution of the plan, while helping to ensure that the migration was performed in a seamless manner, made the company a great partner to work with. You will be hard pressed to find a vendor with the depth of knowledge that they have.

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