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March 30, 2022
1:00 pm EST




Masterclass, Webinar

Learn about advanced configurations of Citrix StoreFront, simplifying administration, optimizing HDX traffic routing, and Workspace service.

Citrix access tier design is a crucial aspect of a Citrix deployment on-premises or in cloud. Considerations for user experience, traffic optimization, and security requirements all converge in the access tier in order to align and deliver on business and compliance outcomes.

The current Citrix landscape provides engineers and architects with customer-managed (StoreFront, Citrix Gateway) and cloud-hosted (Citrix Workspace service, Citrix Gateway service, and the upcoming adaptive authentication service) options to build solutions satisfying objectives such as workflow, authentication and contextual access security, and user experience. These components are equipped with feature capabilities and advanced configurations, hence giving customers numerous controls and flexibility for their access tier design.

In this masterclass session, Ferroque Systems Senior Architects will be joined by Sarah Steinhoff, Enterprise Architect & Director at Citrix, to discuss:

  • StoreFront site aggregation: When to use it; how it helps to reduce deployment complexity and administrative overhead
  • Considerations when using StoreFront with Citrix Cloud’s Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service
  • StoreFront subscriptions: When to/not to use it; when to use SQL vs. local flat file database; multi-site synchronization
  • StoreFront and Citrix Gateway integration with Optimal HDX Routing; Global Server Load balancing; and Workspace app authentication considerations
  • Integrating Citrix Workspace service with Citrix Gateway for authentication andor Optimal HDX Routing including common integration scenarios
  • Citrix Workspace service vs. StoreFront: feature review to help determine the most appropriate platforms to use for your use cases

This free webinar will take place on Wed, Mar 30, at 10am PST | 1pm EST.