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January 18, 2024
10:00 am EST




Masterclass, Webinar

Ferroque Architects has been closely following the latest CPM features, which we believe will significantly change the landscape of Container-Based Profile Management. The developments in CPM releases from 2203 to 2311 mark a substantial evolution in profile management within the EUI community, a trend that began with the introduction of container-based profiles. Our recent attendance at PTEC at Citrix HQ in Florida allowed us to engage with Wayne Liu, Director of Product Management, to discuss the evolution of EOL and the impact of storage optimization features. This experience, coupled with our suggestions for future product enhancements, reinforces our belief that profile management will continue to be a key topic into 2024 and beyond.

Citrix Profile Management has been at the forefront of innovation in profile management since 2019, especially with container-based profiles. By architecting solutions that ensure a consistent user experience and provide real-time insights into storage performance, Ferroque positions itself as a leader in the field. The Citrix Migration tool exemplifies this, streamlining the migration of user profiles and enhancing policy settings and app control.