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March 28, 2024
1:00 pm EST




Tech Talk

We benefit from NetScaler technology every day. 75% of the Internet’s traffic touches a NetScaler at one point. NetScalers may be known in some circles as “that appliance that manages remote Citrix access,” but NetScalers power the world’s largest smartphone networks, online retailers, financial services platforms, and major public clouds. NetScaler is at the heart of the modern digital landscape and is trusted by over 90% of the Fortune 500 – NetScaler is legendary.

And now, there is no better time for customers to adopt and expand this industry-leading application delivery controller platform for their web app acceleration and optimization needs. NetScaler is more than an appliance in front of Citrix environments. That is but a footnote in its roster of industry-proven features. With recent changes to Citrix licensing, customers can access unlimited NetScaler instances as part of their subscription. As numerous F5 appliances near obsolescence and the upgrade path appears costly, there lies a strategic decision point for customers to enhance their Citrix investment, supplant outdated load-balancing infrastructure, and substantially curtail both operational and capital expenses—all while transitioning to NetScaler’s cutting-edge features.

Mark your calendars for March 28th to delve into the intricacies of migrating from F5 to NetScaler, explore the benefits of Citrix’s recent licensing modifications, and discover how you can transition your F5 setups to NetScaler, inclusive of iRules, at no cost.