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Over Ferroque’s decade-plus consulting partner relationship with Citrix Professional Services (formerly Citrix Consulting Services), it has been our privilege to contribute to leading practices and guidance that shape customer outcomes for the better.

Amongst various contributions, I authored the Citrix Disaster Recovery Planning guide on Tech Zone back in 2019, drawn from our field experience spanning hundreds of digital workspace engagements of varying complexity, with scopes ranging from a few dozen users to hundreds of thousands of users. It has become a popular article on Tech Zone dealing with core architectural principles of solutions design, and we have been humbled by the feedback received over the years from customers, consultants, and partners alike.

A lot has changed in four years and the guide was overdue for an overhaul to both modernize its content and expand its scope to include additional considerations that did not make it into the original. A joint effort from Citrix and Ferroque saw the guide revised in October of 2023.

For those who are not particularly interested in reading a lengthy article (and do not mind the sound of my voice), you may find the audio version of the guide below. Apologies in advance for any mispronunciations, a few AI compensations might have slipped past.

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