Empowering Your Workforce with Flexible, On-Demand, and Mobile Delivery of Business Critical Information

Today’s world is on the move, 24/7. Staying on pace means keeping your enterprise IT infrastructure adaptable, accessible, scalable, and of course, secure. By leveraging a central data center, desktop virtualization has emerged as a practical and cost-effective way to meet these business imperatives.

Desktop virtualization centralizes IT infrastructure by transferring complicated and expensive operating systems, applications and data to a central datacenter where everything is stored securely, managed cost-effectively, and administered efficiently.

Through desktop virtualization, IT administrators not only reduce their need for expensive hardware and costly licenses and leases, they can more easily manage and update operating systems. Virtualization also delivers substantial ROI by extending the life of your IT assets and cutting costs for maintenance, repair, and system support.

Our experts are ready to be your trusted partners and desktop virtualization stewards. Our certified Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View professionals specialize in the architecting, implementation, transitioning to, and migration or upgrade of the leading VDI platforms. Ferroque is also proud to offer custom tailored Managed Services and Support of XenDesktop and View infrastructure; able to proactively monitor, scale, and provide expert guidance.

Transforming Desktops into an Affordable On-Demand Service

Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View VDI platforms are award-winning and industry-endorsed desktop platforms that separates operating systems, applications, and data from individual PCs, and transfers them to a centralized data center, allowing all the information to be hosted, managed, and protected more affordably. With XenDesktop or View, our virtualization engineers can transform your IT environment from a conventional device-driven model to an architecture that’s more user-centric, robust, productive, and flexible. The centralization model works to both secure data more effectively and dramatically reduce administrative burden by administering fewer instances of a desktop image whose changes automatically replicate to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of desktops with a few clicks. Transitioning the desktop workload to the datacenter also means dramatically reduced IT asset costs and hardware refresh cycles, and enables BYOPC (Bring your own PC) business models while still limiting security risk.

XenDesktop and View virtualization transforms Windows desktops and applications into an on-demand service – available anytime, anywhere. You can seamlessly and securely deliver individual Windows, web and SaaS applications, or full virtual desktops, to users’ PCs, Macs, tablets, Smartphones, and laptops with superior quality and in high-definition.

XenDesktop allows IT administrators to use the hypervisor of their choice, whether its Citrix’s own XenServer, Microsoft’s Hyper V R2, or VMware’s vSphere platform and easily integrates local devices such as multiple monitors, web cams, and USB devices. View works solely on the vSphere platform.Desktop provisioning capabilities allow businesses to deploy few, or a few hundred desktops within minutes.

Offline Advantages

With Citrix XenClient and VMware Local Mode technologies, VDI images can run locally on PCs or laptops leveraging the local resources of a user’s PC. Changes and user data can be synchronized periodically back to the datacenter. This model is effective for frequently offline users and road warriors who may often lack internet connectivity, while also mitigating data loss should an asset be lost or stolen as user data is being replicated to the datacenter. Security can be enhanced further by configuring synchronization timeouts which render the local virtual desktop inoperable after a period of no contact with the datacenter.

In addition to enjoying the cost savings and flexibility of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, businesses can create a resilient computing environment that scales and adapts to business growth and market changes.

Service Excellence in All We Deliver

At Ferroque, our focus is on desktop virtualization design, deployment, migration and on-going system support, as well as the maintenance of exiting VDI infrastructures. We can help, whether you’re just starting to consider implementing a virtualized desktop solution; expanding your existing virtualization; or creating more standardized desktop virtualization across your entire IT enterprise.

Our certified XenDesktop and View experts will partner with you to plan, design, and build your desktop virtualization infrastructure. We can help improve overall desktop security and business continuity and give you greater control over the entire desktop enterprise. Ferroque Systems’ technications leverage only the highest industry standards and best practices in combination with our in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Solutions For Small and Medium Size Business

At Ferroque, we believe in tailoring solutions specifically for smaller, more budget-minded organizations. For example, we can implement Citrix VDI-in-a-box, which enables SMBs to become more productive with less hardware, software and overhead. This all-in-one software appliance has many platform and end-point options and deploys quickly on inexpensive off-the-shelf servers. Whether you’re initiating a desktop hardware or OS refresh, are a new business, or an existing business seeking to reduce costs and increase productivity, there’s a VDI solution that fits your budget, and your business needs.

Desktop virtualization can help your organization in several ways:

  • Encourages increased productivity and creativity from a virtually empowered workforce (home-based employees, satellite office staff, business travelers, etc.)
  • Increases competitive advantage by enabling quicker reaction to market changes and faster response time to business opportunities (rapid deployment of desktops and changes)
  • Move from administering hundreds of desktops to merely one, dramatically reducing administrative burden and costs
  • Centralized desktop management increases problem resolution and reduces on-site support
  • Leverages all of today’s most popular mobile devices for increased flexibility
  • Allows greater centralized administrative control over geographically and technically diverse IT enterprises
  • Extends the life of current IT assets and legacy systems by using them as thin clients
  • Centralized delivery helps streamline IT security and compliance initiatives, keeping sensitive data inside the datacenter and not on user PCs and laptops
  • Enables workforce to access desktops, applications, and data from anywhere at anytime
  • Consolidated hardware results in lower energy, maintenance, and support expenses for substantial ROI
  • Allows for easier and more affordable business expansion and sustainability
  • Upgrades are easy and many are free, allowing memory and drive space increases to be quick and affordable

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Flexible and Mobile IT Infrastructure

Flexible and Mobile IT Infrastructure

Whenever or wherever they need, employees can access their virtual desktops and corporate applications seamlessly from their PC, Mac, thin client, tablet or Smartphone, supporting any type of work style and providing device flexibility and user mobility.

High Definition Experience

High Definition Experience

Citrix’s XenDesktop technology gives users a High Definition experience even with Flash multimedia, video collaboration, USB peripherals, and 3D graphics.

Cost-Effective Desktop Management

Cost-Effective Desktop Management

IT administrators can maintain one master copy of desktop images rather than juggling thousands of. This reduces maintenance and datacenter storage costs up to 90 percent.

Additional Cost Savings

Additional Cost Savings

Desktop virtualization helps extend the life of current IT assets and legacy systems, adding substantial ROI overall.

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