Exclusive Interview with Citrix’s Chris Fleck

The purpose of supercars is to define the future. Every automobile manufacturer has a racing or supercar division, missioned to push the limits, find the next breakthroughs, and create that competitive edge, both on the racetrack and within the consumer market. In Citrix, Chris Fleck is that supercar division. Chris’s job description as the Vice-President & Technical Fellow is to dream big, find “the next big thing”, and define the future for Citrix systems.

Ferroque Systems has the honour and pleasure to host Chris Fleck for our next Thought Leadership webinar, May 20. He’ll be sharing with us his past experiences in finding the next breakthrough, whether it was the invention of the Citrix Workspace hub, the Twitter automated Tesla, or his Google Glass glasses adventure. Chris will also play a key role in helping Ferroque Systems define what to implement next in our #wfx Lamborghini project. Can you imagine what’s to come next for the fastest-moving workspace on wheels in the world? Chris can. Join us on May 20. Don’t be late!

Need more context? Check out our press release for the event here!

Missed our event? No worries, you can access the recording below!

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