FUSION: Toronto EUC Luncheon with Susur Lee

In the culinary world, as classical dishes withstand the test of time new dishes are being invented.  Creation of a new dish or re-invention of a classic recipe requires culinary mastery.  Renowned Chef Susur Lee is admired for his ability to skillfully and creatively combine different ingredients to enhance the taste buds.  Similarly, we at Ferroque Systems have the skills, creativity, and expertise to combine different technologies to enhance security, performance and user experience in the digital workspace.  

Please join us on May 19 for a Ferroque Systems luncheon where Chef Lee will perform a live cooking demonstration and share with us his insight in culinary creation.   A tasting menu designed by Chef Lee specifically for this Ferroque FUSION event will be served.  Together with leaders from both Citrix and Microsoft, we will discuss how we can build solutions using different but complementing technologies to give an incredible user experience.