Masterclass: The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Workspace Transformation

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus or prioritization of digital transformation initiatives in many organizations shifted dramatically, to address the gaps or challenges created by a dramatic shift to a remote or hybrid work model to protect workers and remain afloat. Initiatives for digital transformation for secure digital workspaces often were placed on an accelerated path to development and adoption to meet these realities, with mixed success. Many organizations are still on this journey, or about to embark on it.

In this month’s Ferroque Systems Masterclass, Kevin Nardone, Director of Enterprise Architecture for Citrix Americas, will join us to discuss how organizations can develop and execute on successful digital transformation initiatives; and how to modernize and secure the digital workspace for remote and hybrid workforces. Together we will dive into the key steps when considering discovery, defining success, and ensuring end-user adoption.  Common roadblocks, pitfalls, and oversights in digital workspace transformations will also be discussed.

Change is challenging. Join us to learn how to develop and implement a successful digital transformation for your organization.

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