Tech Talk: Citrix SD-WAN – Leader of the Pack

Long before Gartner coined the term SASE, SD-WAN was already transforming the network backbones of IT environments unequivocally. The software-defined networking approach virtualizes physical networks (e.g. fibre, broadband, LTE\5G, and etc.) and further expands them seamlessly through datacentres and clouds.  The market has seen innovations upon innovations stemming from SD-WAN, from displacing WAN optimization platforms to link load balancing of Internet circuits, optimized cloud routing, next-generation firewall functionality, and many more.

The right SD-WAN platform is critical to your network. It simplifies the network topologies, renders it more secure and scalable, and elicits greater performance from applications and end-users. Undoubtedly, SD-WAN is becoming as important as switching and firewall infrastructure. If you are not using a SD-WAN platform today then you’re running a legacy operating model in your network.

In recent years the market of SD-WAN has been clamoured with vendors. Many SD-WAN solutions offerings were created for competition purposes and are inferior when compared to the market leaders such as Citrix SD-WAN. Citrix SD-WAN has been in development over several decades and ranks highly in numerous Gartner’s SD-WAN feature assessments. Citrix SD-WAN forms an integral component of Citrix’s SASE offering, the first truly comprehensive SASE solution in the market.

Join us to learn how Citrix SD-WAN is the right choice for existing Citrix and non-Citrix customers.

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