Howto: Add an Image to Citrix StoreFront

The following customization leverages the Citrix customization framework which integrated with StoreFront unified experience, is less prone to issues on StoreFront upgrades, and is replicated through change propagation at the StoreFront Server Group level.

Adding an Image to Citrix Storefront

Images can be added to Storefront anywhere that text is displayed. The login page header, pre-login display message and log off page are just a few examples of where you may want to add an image. Citrix StoreFront supports all image types including animated gifs. You can even add a hyperlink to an image to create a custom button. To see how to add a hyperlink to StoreFront view our blog post here. Images must be stored in the custom folder located in C:inetpubwwwrootCitrix<StoreWeb>custom

In this example we will be adding an image to the StoreFront log off page. Edit strings.en.js. By default, this will be located at “C:inetpubwwwrootCitrix<StoreWeb>customstrings.en.js”.

Add below Example2 (or replace both the examples):

(function ($) {

$.localization.customStringBundle(“en”, {

YouHaveLoggedOff: “<img src= custom/genericlogo.png> <br /> You have successfully logged off”,

LogOn: “Back to Sign In”,




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