Issue: AWS Instance Types Missing From Machine Creation Services

When provisioning VDAs through MCS you may notice that many AWS instance types are missing from the machine specification list. Some of those instance types include C5 and M5.

As per the following Citrix article:
AWS instance types are pre-defined in the Delivery Controller software in a file called “InstanceTypes.XML” This means Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) is unable to discover instance type changes automatically as Amazon introduces new ec2 offerings in their cloud services.

In order for CVAD to enumerate these missing instance types, a manual update of InstanceTypes.XML must be performed on all Delivery Controllers in the Site. For Citrix Cloud customers you must manually update this file on all Cloud Connectors.

InstanceTypes.XML can be found in the following path. %ProgramFiles%Common FilesCitrixHCLPluginsHypervisor\AWSAWSConfigurationInstanceTypes.xml

Open the file using a text editor and add the required instance types. This can be done by copying and pasting an existing instance type and updating all its details.

For reference, the following XML code below has entries for several M5 instance types currently missing from the default list.

M5 Large Instance81922.420falsetrueUnknowntruem5.largeModerateM5 Extra Large Instance163842.440falsetrueUnknowntruem5.xlargeHighM5 2x Large Instance327682.480falsetrueUnknowntruem5.2xlargeHigh

Once the InstanceTypes.XML is updated copy and replace the file for the remaining Delivery Controllers and/or Cloud Connectors.

Restart both the Citrix Host Service and the Citrix Machine Creation Service on each affected Delivery Controller.

Navigate back to Studio and the missing instance types should be enumerated.

Important Notes:

It will be critical to create a backup of this XML file. One thing the Citrix article fails to mention is that these files will be written over during an upgrade.

For Citrix Cloud customers this file will be over-written every time the connector automatically updates. For an on-prem deployment, this file will be over-written during a product upgrade as mentioned above.

This workaround is not ideal and has been brought to Citrix’s attention. Hopefully an upcoming product update will remediate the need to make changes to the InstanceTypes.XML. An update to this article will be made should a product change has been introduced.

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