Issue: Citrix MCS Error “Master VM has invalid configuration”

citrix mcs master vm invalid configuration

Issue and Background

The administrator encountered the error at the end of the Machine Catalog setup of “The master VM: “xxxx.vm/”, has an invalid configuration”. A rather obscure and vague error merely eludes to an issue with the VM.

Root Cause and Resolution

Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) cannot provision machines from a master image if the OS/C drive disk isn’t in the 0:0 SCSI controller position.

Edit the master VM while it is offline on the hypervisor and adjust the SCSI controller C drive disk to 0:0 per the example below in VMware.

Special thanks to our Reubin Huckle for his quick diagnosis of the issue.

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Matt Mirkin
1 month ago

THANKS RUEBIN! This Fixed our issue on our recent conversion to MCS! This website has so much helpful information and saves us constantly. Cant even to begin to thank you for everything you have taught (and fixed!) for us!

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