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Our Project Management Practice helps extract max value from your IT investments

Make Sure Your IT Projects Cross the Finish Line on Time

According to experts, there are around $250 billion dollars budgeted to inflight IT projects at any given moment in the USA.

Of these projects, only 16.2% will be completed on-time and on-budget.

This is often unrelated to theunderlying tech and has more to do with suboptimal project management. In fact, by partnering with an experienced organization that understands how to manage complex requirements and communicate clearly with stakeholders and other personnel, companies can avoid 36.9% of these failures.

At Ferroque, we take pride in our ability to do exactly that for our clients.

Maximize the Value of Your IT Spend

Ferroque project managers contribute significant value

Accelerate Time-to-Value with In-House Experts

Our blend of industry-leading technology expertise, background in IT strategy and knowledge of project management best practices, we help extract the most out of your investment in the least amount of time.

Mitigate Implementation Risk

Even the smallest early mistakes can impact the eventual success of your project. Our Project Managers and PMO consultants have years of implementation experience, and ‘measure twice, cut once’ to increase the odds of success.

Streamline Communication

In addition to everything else, your Project Management Consultant provides you with a consolidated point-of-contact to the greater technology teams, which ensures the right people (at the right levels) are engaged when needed.

Our Standard Methodology = Proven Results

There are lots of moving parts that go into effective IT project management. Time, Resources, Costs, Personnel, Deadlines, Schedules…

The list goes on.

In order to ensure that we deliver consistent results for our clients, we have developed a standardized methodology for managing short and long-term full lifecycle programs.

Based on the Project Management Professional (PMP) guidelines and created from years of practical, industry experience managing complex projects for major corporations, these tools and methods ensure maximum financial returns and business potential for your technology investments.

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